RGV’s stunning decision about NTR’s biopic

It’s known news that Nandamuri Balakrishna is planning to make a movie on legendary NTR’s biopic. It is also heard that the biopic will be helmed by RGV or Puri or Deva Katta. A couple of days back, Ram Gopal Varma announced that he would be doing a movie based on NTR’s biopic.

RGV about NTR's biopic
RGV about NTR’s biopic

However, today RGV shocked everyone with his Facebook post. He announced that his movie based on NTR’s biopic would be titled as Lakshmi’s NTR and this movie will be narrated from the perspective of Lakshmi Parvathi.

He also announced that movie would have the episodes related to viceroy hotel, NTR being back stabbed by his son-in-law Chandra Babu. Let’s wait and see what happens finally.

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