RGV’s statement on Goddesses turned controversial!


Ram Gopal Varma is considered to be the most controversial director in the industry. This director is always on the headlines with some or the other conflict. The recent issue is regarding his statement on Indian Goddesses. Ram Gopal Varma revealed his opinion in a different way and this turned the entire scenario.

RGV stated that people in India will like Goddesses more than Gods. He further stated that, in spite of Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, people in India are poor and hence she is bad financial Goddess. Similarly, he stated that, in spite of worshiping Goddess Saraswathi, people in India are not educated and hence she too is bad educator Goddess.

He stated that when people are firing on education and finance ministers for their 5 years failure work, why are people worshiping Gods from the past few centuries, even when they were not able to help them. This turned controversial and Malkajgiri Court ordered to file a case on RGV. Finally RGV in another controversy.

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