RGV’s ‘Sridevi’ to Hit Screens Soon

Sensational filmmaker, Ram Gopal Varma had earlier announced a film with ‘Sridevi’ title and the posters themselves had created a sensation then. The posters depicting the lust of a teenage boy towards a married woman became controversial.

RGV Sridevi Ready For Release
RGV Sridevi Ready For Release

Actress Sridevi even sent legal notices to Varma alleging that he can’t use her name as a title for such cheap movies. However, Varma argued that Sridevi can’t complain as his heroine in the film is not a famous actress like her.

Although the film was supposed to be released long back, it was postponed due to few problems during the production stage. As per latest reports, RGV is now planning to release it soon.

We have to see how many controversies the film will create after release.

RGV’s another movie Killing Veerappan is also ready for release and it will be released on 18th of this month in Tleugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi languages.

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