RGV’s special interest on ‘KCR’!

Ram Gopal Varma is now showing special interest on KCR. This controversial director is known for picking sensitive aspects. It is known that KCR is quite sensitive to media. Recently, few channels were banned for showing KCR in a different way. In this scenario, “How will RGV tune the story of KCR?” turned out to be the point.


“Will RGV show the biopic of KCR or will he just use that name for the sake of publicity?” is yet to be known. “How will KCR react on this title?” is another interesting topic. For a while, RGV has been shot to fame again in Tollywood. All the above points turned to be debate aspects in the social media sites and RGV is getting craze.

“Is this aspect a craze building one for his recent film ‘Anukshanam’?” is another interesting question. To get all the focus in the present situation, RGV needs to do some crazy thing. ‘KCR’ title might be an attempt to make audience focus on him and his flick.

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