RGV’s sensational comments on SIT head Akun Sabharwal

The drugs sensation is still going on in the state of Telangana. The SIT is interrogating some Tollywood celebrities one by one every day. Controversial director RGV has finally reacted on this issue.

RGV and Akul Sabharwal
RGV and Akul Sabharwal

RGV known for his fearless frank statements and took his social networking site to share his feelings about this entire issue. He said that the SIT is using Tollywood only for publicity. Not stopping there, he accused Akun Sabharwal that he is projecting himself by targeting innocents in Tollywood. He ridiculed the SIT head by saying that Rajamouli should make Baahubali-3 with Akun Sabharwal. RGV claimed that drugs existed since decades then he asked the necessity of excise department for its sudden care on drugs issue in the state. Finally, RGV straightly questioned the excise department if they can interrogate drug accused students for 10-12 hours just like they did with Tollywood celebrities.

In RGV’s point of view, Akun intentionally leaked all the names and information about Tollywood celebrities in this drugs issue only for achieving fame for free. He asked Akun how can he reveal the names without proven allegations on them. It seems RGV got some valid points to the society

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