RGV’s sensational comments on film stars!

RGV About Heroes Donation Towards Hudhud

Ramgopal Varma is known for his controversial issues. He was struck with bottleneck problems in the recent times. He made comments on Gods which raised the heat among the people of India. He even raised more controversy by introducing posters that have a child and adult concept.

Now, he is using his statements to raise controversy in the film industry. As per his latest comments, film stars who contributed to the victims of Hudhud Cyclone are deceiving people! He stated that film celebrities takes lots of money from the public as remuneration but they are giving peanuts to the victims.

Fans of these stars starting commenting against RGV asking him about his donation details. They say that their stars are atleast giving something while RGV is giving statements but not money. Looks like, RGV is not leaving a single stone unturned.

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