RGV’s sensational comments on Andhra and Telengana Gods!

RGV Comments on Gods

Ram Gopal Varma is a sensational director who is good at creating controversy. Recenly, he raised to the peak stage in Twitter with his comments on God. He showed difference between Telengana and Andhra in case of Gods.

RGV stated that Lord Balaji is an Andhra God and Yadhagiri Narasimha Swamy is Telengana God. He further stated that the people in Telengana are worshiping Balaji more than Narasimha Swamy. RGV stated that it is looking like the people of Telengana are insulting Narasimha Swamy.

Soon after the division of the state, Ram Gopal Varma took charge on these topics. He initially mentioned that he will make a flick with the title KCR. Later on, he is commenting on Gods. We have to see how people reacts to this Tweets.

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