RGV’s Response on ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ Trailer

The much awaited trailer of power star Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ is out and the response from fans and movie goers is mixed.

While the trailer has Pawan at his usual best and Kajal at her beautiful best, the excessive length and the unnecessary visuals made it tiresome. Well, are you excited to know the response of the famous critic of Pawan, genius director Ram Gopal Varma?

RGV About Sardaar Gabbar Singh Trailer
RGV About Sardaar Gabbar Singh Trailer

Varma was at his sarcastic best to describe Sardaar trailer. From his posts, it is quite difficult to understand if he was praising or criticizing the trailer. Well, he concluded with Jai PK slogan.

‘In speeches Power was Mega original and Mega was Powerfully unoriginal but in context of Annadamulla anubandham they worked MegaPowerfully. SGS trailer is badder than best,worser then fantastic,extraordinarily ordinary in context but superlatively tremendous in intent ..Jai P K,’ posted RGV.

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