RGV’s rebellion in favor of Maggi Noodles!

RGV eating Maggie Noodles
RGV eating Maggie Noodles

Yes, director Ram Gopal Varma is a rebel and we all know it. When the whole of India’s government is placing irrevocable bans on Maggi, RGV is all set to go against the government and is supporting the noodles company.

He posted a picture recently in which he is seen to be enjoying the banned snack, never mind all the lead consumption. He further added that he loves eating Maggi by comparing it to Tirupathi Laddu and that he has been eating it even more since the ban!

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Varma sir needs to understand that the ban has been placed because Food Safety and Standards Authority of India explained the containment of excessive MSG and lead levels. But, I guess there is no stopping RGV.

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