RGV’s new trend to shake Indian film industry!

Ram Gopal Varma, the mighty Indian film maker who is now into bottleneck problems is trying to set a new trend in South India. This director is known for his controversial statements and the horror genre flicks. Apart from that, RGV is trying to set his own trend in film making.


Unlike other film makers, RGV is trying to get the best output in very less budget span. As per the details, the latest flick “Ice Cream” is made with a budget of just 2 Lakh rupees. This is quite small compared to the industry standards. Similarly, “Dongala Muta”, which was canned few months back, too was made with less budget.

It is known that short films culture is increasing in India. In this scenario, if RGV comes up with series of short budgeted flicks, he will surely stand as an inspiration for budding film makers. At one point of time, these upcoming film makers will take charge of releasing their short films in theatres. This trend may raise further and the short films may cross big flicks status in India. Looks like, RGV is trying to set new trend which will shake entire film industry in India.

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