RGV’s monthly Ice Cream scheme!


Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma’s “Ice Cream” tried to create sensation in Tollywood. With the nudity publicity, this flick came on to the screens but it didn’t get much response at the box office. But, Ram Gopal Varma is keen on moving ahead with his horror strategy.

RGV stated that he will launch one “Ice Cream” version flick every month. Soon after completion of “Ice Cream 2”, RGV went on to say about the starting of “Ice Cream 3”. It seems that this flick will get completed in one month span and the team will launch it in the coming days.

Fans of RGV who got thrilled with the initial series of “Ice Cream” are eagerly waiting for the second quota. Second part of this flick will get released on September 19th. Even before the release of the second part, RGV is planning to start the third part. This shows his confidence levels!

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