RGV’s Hungama in Vijayawada

Controversial genius Ram Gopal Varma has finally landed in Vijayawada as he announced earlier.

RGV Hungama in Vijayawada
RGV Hungama in Vijayawada

To collect information to make a biopic on Vangaveeti, he came to Vijayawada. Earlier, he claimed of receiving threatening calls reading the biopic but he added that he once bonded with the notorious rowdies of Vijayawada and he is not scared of anyone.

Varma challenged the rowdies to do whatever they can and revealed the details of his journey and stay in Vijayawada. Upon his arrival, a huge number of fans welcomed him at the Gannavaram airport. A larger number of police force was also deployed to make sure no violent situation takes place.

Contrary to the rumors that RGV will be taken into custody, he just drove from the airport to his hotel.

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