RGV’s GST Gains Kathi Mahesh Support

Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is currently busy with the promotions of his new project God, Sex and Truth. There are a lot of protests against this digital film and now the popular critic Mahesh Kathi has come to the rescue of Ram Gopal Varma and has been supporting the filmmakers’ attempt. Mahesh Kathi took to Twitter to reveal his opinion on the film and has given a counter to all those who are protesting.

RGV and Kathi Mahesh
RGV and Kathi Mahesh

“Ram Gopal Varma’s God, Sex and Truth is not a feature-length film for theatrical release. It’s a “short-docu-philosophy” for web media. I simply don’t understand why there is so much noise. Is it because it is made by RGV!! Is he such a big threat to India and it’s society and culture?.”

Ram Gopal Varma who happened to come across this supporting tweet has responded to Mahesh Kathi telling, “Hey Mahesh Kathi What’s really scary is the protestors level of ignorance ..There are millions of adult videos with foreign actors available and they are protesting on this one video GodSexTruth featuring a foreign actor.”

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