RGV’s Dare to Beautiful Heroine

Ram Gopal Varma, who claims to be a woman-lover, leaves no stone unturned to praise the women that he finds beautiful and hot.

RGV and Yami Gautam
RGV and Yami Gautam

The latest lucky actress to get free publicity via Varma’s arrow like tweets is the beautiful Yami Gautam. Varma said that Fair and Lovely is conning people by casting already beautiful Yami in their advertisement and taking credit for making her look fair.

‘Scam of advertising is Yami Gautam makes Fair and Lovely beautiful nd makers con the consumer to think Fair and Lovely made Yami beautiful. With or without Fair and Lovely, Yami Gautam will be as beautiful nd non beautiful will remain non beautiful even if she uses Fair and Lovely. The manufacturers applied the beautiful Yami gautam on the non beautiful Fair and Lovely to make it look seemingly beautiful,’ said RGV in his impeccable style.

He also dared Yami to state that she was not beautiful before using Fair and Lovely. ‘I dare @yamigautam to state on Twitter that she was not beautiful before and it’s fair and lovely which made her beautiful,’ added Varma.

Yami hasn’t yet responded to RGV’s comments as everyone knows well that no one can win a twitter battle with him.

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