RGV’s most controversial statements on Lord Ganesh

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma who was in news from the past few days with series of controversies, is back in twitter with another high level controversy. By saying that he will direct a film with the name “KCR”, RGV started his controversial journey this month.


Later on, he extended it with few more controversy and now he even used Vinayaka Chavithi to bring publicity to his upcoming film “Anukshanam”. RGV started an open debate on Lord Ganesh. He questioned that Vinayak was not able to save his own head and hence how will he save others’ heads.

He further asked why only Ganesh got top God status while Kumara too belongs to God’s family. He created top level controversy saying, “Today is a really the original birthday of Ganesh or is this day is the one which Lord Shiva cut his head?” These controversial statements are now making Hindu feel furious. RGV is sure of getting the best shoot back from the Hindus.

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