RGV’s comparison of Chiru and Pawan raised the heat!

RGV and Chiranjeevi

RGV is one of the directors who is considered to be ‘Dangerously Controversial’ by the media. He comes up with high level controversies which will involve top level personalities. Several big shot celebrities were in his past comments and now, he turned towards the Mega Family.

RGV commented on Chiru and Pawan saying that what will happen if the flicks of both these stars comes on the same date. It is a fact that Mega Family will make sure to maintain atleast 15 days gap between the flicks of the Mega Family heroes.

In this scenario, film release dates falling on the same date means a personal clash between the heroes. “Is RGV indirectly asking audience that what if Chiru and Pawan have a clash?” turned to be a discussion point in the social media. As 2015 will see the flicks of both Pawan and Chiru, RGV might have made these comments to make the best publicity out of it.

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