RGV’s comments on Sunny Leone’s Kerala visit

The other day Item bomb Sunny Leone had been to Kochin, Kerala to inaugurate a mall and thousands of people have gathered to see her. RGV has shared his views on Sunny’s tour.

RGV's comments on Sunny Leone’s Kerala visit
RGV’s comments on Sunny Leone’s Kerala visit

After the visit, Sunny has shared the shocking photo of her car stranded in the ocean of her hardcore fans. She thanked the fans of Kerala for showering immense love on her. Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has responded to Sunny’s tweet. He said that Kerala people appreciating an actress who was once a porn star is a laudable. Not stopping there, RGV irked the superstars by saying that even the megastar Mammootty and Super star Mohanlal will get jealous watching at the fans of Sunny in Kerala.

Needless to say that RGV comments are doing rounds in the social media. But the fans of these superstars are not ok with RGV comments.

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