RGV’s comments on suicide and death!

RGV Suicide and Death

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma, who generally speaks about controversial topics, has now directed himself towards suicide and death. This time, he mentioned that he will commit suicide or will end himself if he comes up with a situation like taking support from others to live.

Like, if one falls sick, they have to take the help of others to survive. If this situation arises to RGV, he mentioned that he will end his life. This turned out to be a controversial statement again. It is a fact that suicide is not acceptable in India and speaking on ending ones life too is a controversial topic.

In this scenario, “How far will these statements of RGV go?” turned out to be a tough question. Stay tuned to know how people reacted to RGV’s statement. We have to see how Modi and his team too reacts on RGV’s controversial comments.

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