RGV Wishes Unhappy Diwali to All

Genius filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who has a unique style of wishing people on the eve of festivals, has once again struck.

RGV Wishes Unhappy Diwali
RGV Wishes Unhappy Diwali

Varma took to Twitter to wish everyone on the eve of Diwali by sharing an ‘Unhappy Diwali’ message. He posted that due to the destruction caused by the crackers and stuff, the lives of children, old people, animals and birds get endangered. He added that many poisonous gasses get released in the air because of the so-called celebrations.

He also taunted the people sharing, “I wish a very very #unhappydiwali to all those who don’t even know what narakasura did that they have to celebrate his death.”

After all the taunts, the eccentric filmmaker finally wished everyone writing, “Finally I wish a very very happy Diwali to all those who do not celebrate Diwali …..As per me, every day is a Diwali for me”.

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