RGV Warns Pawan Kalyan

Ram Gopal Varma is a person who does not restrict himself to talk about any random person in the world. He who claims to be the fan of Pawan Kalyan always mocks him on the social media with unnecessary comments. Ram Gopal Varma was also involved in Sri Reddy controversy and made things worse for him. Now, he took a dig at Pawan Kalyan again saying that he should be careful with Nadendla Manohar to his side.

RGV and Pawan Kalyan
RGV and Pawan Kalyan

“As a fan of @PawanKalyan Am just praying to Lord Balaji that Nadendla Manohar won’t vennu potu superstar pawan kalyan the way his father vennu potued superstar NTR ..I request all PK fans to advise their Hero.

Dear @PawanKalyan fans,I am just worried about Nadendla Manohar constantly smiling when standing next to PK because his father used to do exact the same standing next to NTR..Please tell PK to be careful pleaaase. .

@PawanKalyan fans thama star ki cheppalsindhi Vaalla hero yentha super star ayina vennu potu nunchi NTR kaadhu kadha PK kooda thappinchukoledu. As a @PawanKalyan fan I am just really worried,when PK is busy fighting for people’s problems from the FRONT Nadendla Manohar will stab him in BACK. I heard from a inside source that covert intelligence agencies to inside Janasena core team to even Nadendla Manohar ‘s house members that NM is planning to politically backstab @PawanKalyan.” tweeted RGV.

All this while, RGV claims himself to be a big fan of PK but still mocked him.

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