RGV upset news related to Sridevi’s death

Upset with speculations in media related to Sridevi’s death, and a section of various aspects of the Sridevi’s lifestyle, Ram Gopal Varma expressed his frustration. He said people used to praise her beauty when she was alive, but they are now scrutinizing what she had.

RGV About Sridevi Death
RGV About Sridevi Death

He tweeted, “With regard to Sridevi, people always talked about the beauty of her body, her expressive eyes, her sensuous lips, her awesome waist and her thunder thighs…And now they talking about her mortal remains, alcohol in her blood, water in lungs and contents of her stomach…Goddd!!!.”

RGV is her huge fan. He directed two films with her Kshana Kshanam and Govinda Govinda. He further tweeted: “Can any person’s life end in a more tragic and in a more horrific way? It’s traumatic to hear her being dissected in so many terrible ways? I feel like just f**king kill myself.”

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