RGV Throws a Warning to Balakrishna

Sensational filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is throwing a direct challenge to Balakrishna Nandamuri now. Apparently, in an audio trailer, Balakrishna’s voice is added by a mimicry artist and RGV is seen throwing a counter. The whole purpose of the video is to say that his biopic holds the truth about the actual happenings in Sr NTR life.

RGV and Balakrishna
RGV and Balakrishna

Ram Gopal Varma released the audio trailer of video trailer of the first single named Vennu Potu.

“I do not know who did not make this on me and Balakrishna Garu, but I also know why I do not know who did not do this .. Read three times to understand and even after that if u don’t understand you are not dumb #LakshmisNTR” tweeted Ram Gopal Varma along with the audio trailer.

Lakshmi’s NTR is surely going to be the next big thing in Tollywood in the coming year.

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