RGV speeding up on Reddy Garu Poyaru


Director Ram Gopal Varma’s next awaited film on gangsters, Reddy Garu Poyaru, is fast pacing with shooting. Dr Mohan Babu stars as the lead protagonist, and the story is largely based on RGV’s Bollywood hit, Sarkar. Vishnu Manchu and Shanvi Srivastav play the other leading roles.

RGV has resorted to some quick and advanced technology to speed up the process of shooting. Three camera set up and a sync sound have been used to avoid dubbing for the scenes and reduce time shooting at multiple angles. This enhanced technology will help fasten the proceedings of the production.

The film that is planned to release May this year, is heavily a political satire reflecting the current political scenario in the Country. RGV is known for his detailing and intense treatment to the characters and the subject. This will be the most intense role for Mohan Babu after a long time.




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