RGV shot back at Sri Devi’s complaint

Even before going to censor board rating, RGV’s “Savithri” alias “Sri Devi” got adult talk among audience. Several controversies raised on this venture and the title controversy is the biggest one. Even Sri Devi filed a complaint against RGV saying that he is using her name for a controversial flick.

RGV vs Sridevi

Responding on this, RGV shot back at Sri Devi saying that this flick has nothing to do with Sri Devi’s personal life. He mentioned that it is just a title and cannot be compared to any personal life scenario of the actress. More over, RGV called Sri Devi and told the same.

Sources revealed that Sri Devi is almost convinced and hence she may take back her complaint on RGV. One issue is set to get settled. Even if RGV completes this venture, “How far will censor board accept this venture?” turned out to be a point.

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