Director Ram Gopal Varma’s new film "Raktha Charitra" based on rivalry between Paritala Ravi and Maddelacheruvu Suri is in the final stage. Rakta Charita starring Vivek Oberoi and Suriya playing real life characters of Paritala Ravi and Maddelachervu Suri.

There was a rumor in Telugu Film Industry years ago that paritala ravi kidnapped Pawan Kalyan in a land issue and got his head tonsured in front of the public.

Though both Pawan and paritala ravi condemned these rumors in those days, Now, one of the stills from ‘Raktha Charitra’ has come into the market where in Vivek Oberoi playing Paritala Ravi in the movie is involved in head tonsuring of an artist.

Now the issue is why Ram Gopal Varma has placed this scene in his Rakta Charita movie, None knows, has Varma shot this scene with Pawan’s gossip in mind or not, but for the moment Power Star Fans are raging with fire on Varma. Stricyly speaking, there is no clue whether this scene has any importance in the movie or not? Still, this is enough for Varma to pull ‘Raktha Charitra’ into new controversy and then gain the publicity…an unusual stunt possible only for Varma.

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