RGV’s comments on Chiranjeevi!

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma was reacted to the recent shocking announcement of Chiranjeevi, who has decided to quit acting and concentrates only on politics.

RGV as usual he made controversy statements by calling Andhra people as "Fuckers" at the same time he praised Chiranjeevi.

Here are the RGV’s Tweets on Chiru’s statement

"Chiranjeevi is a phenomenon and the people of Andhra pradesh are not and they proved that by not making him a chief minister"

"But I any day want to see the people of AP queeing up for Chiranjeevi’s tickets rather than Chiranjeevi queeing up for the fuckers votes"

"I used the word fuckers because any given day I love chiranjeevi much more than I luv the people of Andhra pradesh"

"If ppl of AP don’t make Chiranjeevi CM its their bad luck and if such people don’t vote for him its his good luck"

Reacting to the news, Ram Charan Teja tweeted: "Like many other I was shocked to hear dad decided not to act any more and dedicate his life to serving people…not able to sleep over this."

Further Ram Gopal Varma replied to Ram Charan saying that “ur dads far far superior 2 all the ppl he wants 2 serve nd why he wants 2 serve ppl who’s inferior to him cmpletley beats me”   

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