RGV offering valuables to his heroines?

Ram Gopal Varma, the director who is interested to thrill audience with horror as well as with glamour, is now making films with very less budget. His films in the recent times are not even crossing 5 lakh rupees. On one hand, RGV has flop director talk and on the other hand, his film budgets are too low.


In this scenario, “What will the heroines in his flick get in return?” turned out to be the point. As the budget is less, they cannot get high remuneration from the flick. Literally, remuneration of the actresses may be somewhere in thousands. On the other hand, as the flicks are getting flop talks, they won’t get much attention in the industry.

Exposing in RGV’s flicks will be on top level and normal heroines cannot reach that range. In this scenario, if a heroine feels like going for extreme skin show, they can in fact take high remuneration in top flick for that act. Looks like, there is something valuable which is being offered by RGV to the heroines. Stay tuned to know about that aspect.

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