RGV-Nag’s ‘Officer’ Buyer decides to commit suicide due to huge loss

Akkineni Nagarjuna teamed up with Ram Gopal Varma after many years with Officer. The teasers and the trailer failed to attract the audience and the film lacked interesting business offers. This film turned out to be a trap for Officer as the makers sold the film citing to offer Akhil’s film if they fail to recover the investments.

Officer Movie Loss
Officer Movie Loss

Officer released last Friday and has been declared as the biggest disaster of Telugu cinema. The buyers are left shattered and will end up recovering zero from their investments.

One of the film’s buyers Subramanyam from Rajahmundry said that he was cheated completely. Speaking to the media, he said that, “I was in plans to produce a small budget film and it is during this time, RGV’s close aides took me to JD Chakravarthy’s office and forced me to buy Officer. They even offered me Akhil – RGV’s film if I don’t recover my investments. Though I was not impressed with the teasers and the trailer, I was forced to buy the film. Now they are out of reach and I am asked to pay the QUBE charges for the film. Suicide is the only option left for me.”

Well, we hope Nagarjuna or Film Chamber members may come to his rescue to help him.

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