RGV: My Arrogance is Reason for my Flops

We have already reported that controversial genius Ram Gopal Varma went back to Mumbai.

He has renovated his office and renamed it as ‘Company’ from ‘Factory’. Speaking to media, Varma said that his arrogance was the reason for his films flopping. He added that many people believe that his films flop because he wraps them in very short time but his arrogance and overconfidence was the reason for his failures.

RGV About His Flops
RGV About His Flops

Varma reminded that he had completed cult films like Sarkar and Satya in very short span. Even though he took good amount of time for movies like Aag and Department, they didn’t work at box office.

Varma added that he has completed 6 scripts in the past 2 years and has changed himself to introduce a new angle in him to Bollywood audiences.

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