With out RGV, media may not have interesting columns – Puri Jaganath

RGV and Puri Jagannadh

Ram Gopal Varma is a tough person to handle. This is known to one and all and his tweets are famous all over the nation. Puri Jaganath, who worked as assistant to RGV too mentioned the same to the media.

Puri Jaganath stated that RGV has a big mouth and without his tweets, the columns in the media may not look that interesting. Puri Jaganath says that he likes RGV alot due to his daring nature and the guts to express anything freely to the audience.

Majority of the Tollywood audience too were saying that Puri is absolutely correct. Without RGV’s tweets, media columns may not look that interesting. RGV constantly comments on top heroes, films, heroines and politics. Stay tuned to know what RGV has tweeted today.

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