RGV hits hard on Nagababu

We all witnessed the way Mega brother Nagababu fired at Creative director Ram Gopal Varma for all his previous tweets regarding ‘Khaidi No: 150’ in Prerelease event. This has irked the creative genius and responded in his own style.

RGV Fired on Nagababu
RGV Fired on Nagababu

First, he apologized for all his tweets to Chiranjeevi and Nagababu and stunned everyone. The followers of Ramu has witnessed arrogant RGV apologizing for the first time. Within an hour, he used his genius mind to hit back at Nagababu by claiming that someone hacked his account. Then he started his style of tweets on Nagababu, and the tweets lined up to burn Nagababu completely from inside.

RGV advised Chiranjeevi that he shouldn’t listen to his brother Nagababu as he is defaming him in all the ways. He criticized Nagababu that he can spoil any public event with his speech. He pointed out at Nagababu’s failures in career and asked to mind his own business rather than advising him or else he will be soon on roads.

He took the fire to another level by apologizing all Mega fans on behalf of Nagababu for spoiling everything in Mega event. He claimed that all the good amounted by all Mega heroes like Bunny, Cherry, Sai, Sirish, Varun and Pawan is balanced by one bad that is Nagababu. He concluded this epic tweet drama by advising Chiru to keep Nagababu far and wished him good night.

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