RGV gifting ‘Ice Fruit’ to ‘Ice Cream’ audience in theatres!

RGV Ice Cream 2 Movie

Ram Gopal Varma, who came up with “Ice Cream” sequence in Tollywood is now releasing his “Ice Fruit” series. Among all the “Ice Cream” brands, RGV’s “Ice Cream” series turned out to be a big hit in Andhra Pradesh. This film came up like serial versions.

Now, RGV decided to give “Ice Fruit” gift to the audience who come to “Ice Cream” theatres. “Ice Fruit” is not an eatable item. It too is a feast to the eyes from RGV. It is known that the heroine Praveena gave her best to make audience enjoy a feast in the theatres.

Now, RGV decided to give one more version of beautiful feast to audience. He roped Praveena and made a song which is titled as “Ice Fruit”. It seems that this song will get included in the film from November 3rd.

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