RGV to gift a day to Manchu Lakshmi

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is set to gift a day to Manchu Lakshmi. On the occasion of her birthday on 8th October, RGV is planning to gift a day to Manchu Lakshmi. He is presently canning a short film with the title, “A day in life of Manchu Lakshmi’s feet”.

RGV Gift to Manchu Lakshmi

This film will get released on 8th October at 11AM. It seems that RGV is specially making this flick for Manchu Lakshmi and as spectators are interested in Manchu Lakshmi’s life as well as RGV’s direction, they may surely encourage this flick with good set of views.

On the other hand, Manchu Lakshmi is happy on one side and is having a bit of fear on the other. “How will RGV show her and what is the real concept involved in this venture?” is a suspense factor. This may thrill Manchu Lakshmi on October 8th.

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