RGV finds Digvijay Singh-Amrita Rai Leaked Pics ‘Romantic’

Yeah. That’s what our ‘Veteran’ director Ram Gopal Varma has to say about the leaked pictures of Congrees General Secretary Digvijay Singh and Journalist Amrita Rai.


Digvijay Singh’s extra marital affair with Rajya Sabha TV Anchor Amrita Rai has created a sensation in the political circles. The reports of this former chief minister being in a relationship with a married woman half his age hasn’t gone down well with people.

This Former Chief Minister has 4 daughters and a son. He has been at the receiving end ever since his intimate pictures with the journalist got leaked on the internet.

However,not everyone has a negative opinion about him.
Noted Director Ram Gopal Varma has some very ‘sweet’ comments for the entire scene,”Its amazing how vulnerable a man looks when he has love in his eyes. Digvijay’s pics are the most romantic I saw since SRK and Kajol’s in DDLJ”.

The controversial couple now has a reason to rejoice as someone is now ‘standing by them’. Two days after the pictures got leaked, Digvijay Singh had accepted their relationship in a tweet.

With the entire nation in the election mood and with an Anti-Congress wave riding the nation, it remains to be seen how badly the minister is criticized.

As of now,we can only say.. “It happens Only In India!”

More updates to follow!

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