RGV to file case against TV9

Eccentric director Ram Gopal Varma made a sensational tweet that he is planning to file a case on TV9 for distorting facts about him and cases on him. He stated that he is consulting with his lawyers currently for proceeding on case against TV9.

RGV Files Case on Twitter
RGV Files Case on Twitter

He tweeted, “Just Chilling and enjoying on top of a 27th floor terrace in Mumbai, laughingly watching the nuesencically non sensical reports of Tv 9. Tv 9 should be actually renamed as #Tv9CircusJokers.”

He added, “For all those false news circulating that I have denied making #GodSexTruth,its only a production and technical process that I was detailing ..How can I deny when I am credited in the film? “.

He also tweeted,” Am in the process of filing multiple cases including criminal charges on Tv 9 channel..My lawyers are presently gathering all the relevant materials. TV9 channel under Rajnikant is distorting facts and presenting false news..Spreading malicious and derogatory perceptions..It’s claims of news leaks from an ongoing investigation is a crime..Tv 9 will be soon dealt with as per the laws of the land”.

He also published a poll result that says, 85% people say Ram Gopal Varma is honest, while only 15% say, TV9 Rajnikanth is honest.

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