RGV directing a film in competition to Rajamouli – Bahubali fight!

RGV and Rajamouli

Ram Gopal Varma is now concentrating on making a flick which is in the terms of “Rangeela”. It seems that he is aspiring to do a beautiful love story just like the ones he used to make when he started his career.

RGV, who is facing high level flops in the film industry, is now planning to come back in to the race with this love story. He stated that this flick is like “Bahubali” in his career. He means to say that this project is a prestigious one in his present career.

Looks like, RGV is planning to experiment heavily on this flick just like Rajamouli did for “Bahubali”. Even though this venture is not a competition for “Bahubali”, we can say that RGV is trying to make it as special as “Bahubali” for Tollywood audience.

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