RGV didn’t like Bahubali’s trailer?

RGV Comments About Bahubali Trailer
RGV Comments About Bahubali Trailer

That’s right! He LOVED the trailer and seems to be immensely impressed by S.S. Rajamouli after the trailer has been released. The truth is the trailer of Bahubali is the new sensation of the Tollywood film industry and is shining above any other news in the T-Town. Even, Ram Gopal Varma can’t stop talking about the movie on his Twitter account!

Ram Gopal Varma who has been all praises for Rajmouli made no hesitation in praising him all over the internet. He tweeted not one but various things about the movie.

He wrote:

I don’t care what Bahubali’s cost is or what it will recover.It’s like TajMahal for Indian cinema and will be a reference point for decades.

To just commercially evaluate Bahubali will be an act of Blasphemy towards Indian Cinema.Bahubali for sure is a new chapter in epic of cinema.

To ideate,to visualize, to decide,to determine and to execute Bahubali, director needs balls of steel,heart of roses and mind of conqueror.

Want to thank u Rajamoulias a film lover for having the perseverance,patience and above all the persistence to turnur passion into Bahubali.

Watched Bahubali 70 out of 100 international scale and 500 out of 100 Indian scale.Thanks Rajamouli for pushing and lifting Indian films.

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Wow! I haven’t seen our controversy King praise anyone else so much in the film industry but I guess Bahubali deserves all of it.

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