RGV changed Savitri to Sridevi due to media pressure?

Sridevi Movie Photos

From the past few days, RGV’s “Savitri” alias “Sri Devi” is getting huge hype in the media. Several media segments and NGO are fighting against this venture as it has a love episode between a kid and a teacher. RGV’s statement that this film has been inspired by his real life experience with his teacher in his childhood, raised the controversy.

Now, the latest buzz is that the character of the teacher has been replaced by housewife. It seems that it is a story between a housewife and a kid. “Did this got changed due to the media, NGO and the parents’ pressure?” turned out to be a point.

If it is a story between a kid and a teacher, school going children will get attracted to watch the venture. In this scenario, there are chances for them to get disturbed. Looks like, parents might have kept immense pressure on this director and hence he changed the route towards a housewife without disturbing the teacher – student relations.

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