RGV Breaks His Promise

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is planning to move forward legally against some people who he thinks is behind the conspiracy around abusing his mother. RGV is also said to be one among them. Pawan interacted with a lot of advocates on the same and now RGV came up with series of tweets questioning Pawan about certain things.

RGV and Pawan Kalyan
RGV and Pawan Kalyan

“Jnanam vunna lawyerlani theesukokundaa avakaashalu raani @MsSriReddy type lawyerlani theesukovadam venuka thanaki lawyerla kanna yekkuva jnanam vundani dappu kottukovadam kosamaa? Just asking. Nenu chesina paniki Sorry cheppi Pk meedha ika comment cheyyanani maa mother meeda vottesanu ..aa tharvatha kooda nenu Cbn ,Lokesh Srini Raju Rk Ravi Prakash Moorthy kootami lo vunnanani aaropinchadam moolana maa mother angeekaaram tho ippud naa vottu theesi gattu meedha pettanu. Wowwww first time I saw a client talking more than lawyers..I wonder why with all his money he couldn’t hire better lawyers or are they just his fans wearing lawyer coats from their film production Godown…just asking.” tweeted RGV.

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