RGV Back On Twitter – Pawan Kalyan Becomes Reason

Ram Gopal Varma earlier announced that he is going to quit Twitter. While doing the announcement, he revealed, “My pleasantly unpleasant surprise is I am getting out of Twitter. To all my followers, no thanks for following me all these years, This my last tweet before my tweet death but I will not RIP and seriously work from now on @RGVzoomin Birth:27/5/2009 Death:27/5/2017 (sic)”, Varma tweeted.

RGV and Pawan Kalyan
RGV and Pawan Kalyan

Today, a while ago, RGV made his comeback by tweeting something very interesting. The director revealed the reason for his comeback on Twitter. “Here’s my Jesus like rejuvenated second coming on Twitter? ..Wish u all as happy a new year as every other bygone Happy Old Year”, adding, “Twitter Ajnaatavaasam loki velina nenu p k ajnaatavaasi tho inspire ayyi malli vachcha.”

It looks like RGV is back with a bang on Twitter and the reason is Pawan Kalyan.

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