RGV asks why Rajinikanth didn’t stop rains in Chennai

Controversial King Ram Gopal Varma has once again shown his anger over the celebrities who donated lakh of rupees to the flood affected victims in Chennai. RGV responded in his style over God for not showing mercy over Chennaites.

Ram Gopal Varma questions Rajnikanth for stopping rains
Ram Gopal Varma questions Rajnikanth for stopping rains

In his Twitter, RGV asked few questions, lashed over few donations and made some suggestions to the Chennaities for simply believing in God and treating film stars as gods. He asked whether all the people of Chennai are sins. If they aren’t then why is God punishing them?

Comparing the heavy floods in Chennai as an act of terrorism, RGV said that he is feeling angry over the god’s act of doing so. No act of any Terrorist in the world can create more tragedy than what the act of God created in Chennai, said Ram Gopal Varma.

Giving his sympathy to the Chennaities, Ram Gopal felt sad for them. He felt angry over the god and has no harsh words to address him for his disastrous act.

After showing his anger over God, RGV chose few celebs who are praying to God of the recovery of Chennai. He said that he is condemning all the celebs who are praying to God for Chennai.

He targeted Telugu heroes who donated few Lakhs to Chennaities. He tweeted those in Telugu so that those stars can be addressed correctly.

Finally, he has a simple question “Why Rajnikanth didn’t do anything to stop the rain?”

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