RGV asks Chiru not to copy Tamil film

Chiranjeevi RGV
Chiranjeevi RGV

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma has requested megastar not to copy Tamil film to make his so called comeback. Varma predicted that this move would hurt the pride of Telugu people, so he requested all mega fans to make Chiru change his decision.

‘As a Mega fan, My sincere request to Mega Star is to do a Mega original film better than Bahubali as Mega 151st and not copy a Tamil film.

Mega in his Telugu leader status to copy a Tamil film is back stab for Telugu Pride..So I hope that he’s doing a Tamil copy film is rumour,’ tweeted RGV.

It is well known that Chiranjeevi is remaking Tamil film ‘Kaththi’ in Telugu.

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