RGV announced the release date of Lakshmi’s NTR in AP

Ram Gopal Varma’s recent film Lakshmi’s NTR had hit the screens worldwide on March 29th, except in Andhra Pradesh. The High Court of Andhra Pradesh ordered against the release of the film just a day before its release, citing the elections period of the state. It has given instructions to the makers to not release it until further notice.

Lakshmis NTR Release Date in AP
Lakshmis NTR Release Date in AP

Now, the elections are over in Andhra and the results will be out on May 23. Thus, there is no political heat in the state, the court has given permission to release the film. Thus, the makers have decided to release it in AP on May 1st. Ram Gopal Varma himself revealed the news.

But, most of the people in Andhra have already watched the film through piracy and we have to see how well will it fare over there by releasing now. On the flip side, few sources claim that makers have no expectations on the film’s performance and are only planning to mint some money by releasing it in the theatres.

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