Revolver Rani Review

Rating: 0.75/5

Critic Rating: (0.75/5)

Post Queen, Kangana was titled the next Vidya Balan in choosing a script and playing a role. I am afraid, the title won’t even stay for more than two months, as her latest Revolver Rani is an extremely inspid and boring film which neither has a point nor any noteworthy performance.

Sai Kabir’s debut film starts off with very interesting title sequence and a song. Set in Madhya Pradesh, Alka Singh (Kangana Ranaut) is a powerful lady with guts and guns. With a history of killing her husband as a punishment for his infidelity, Alka is popular as a ferocious and ruthless woman. Alka falls in love with Rohan Kapoor, a Bollywood actor who wants to make it big in the B-town. Alka makes him her male concubine and has a soft corner for him. Rohan has his own plan of making his career using Alka’s money. In another thread, the leader of the constituency Bhanu Bhaiyya (Zakhir Hussain) wants to thwart Alka as she had killed his brother in the past. The rest of the story is about where her love/lust story leads to and what does the politics cost her.

The biggest problem of the movie is the highly ambitious script which tries to succeed in too many areas but fails miserably in each of the attempted area. The writing tries its hand at some situational comedy but it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work. The director also tries some political drama and sketching. That doesn’t work either. The movie also delves into a women-centric cum motherhood zone and that fails too.

Except for Piyush Mishra, all the other characters were utterly wasted. The pointless characters and lack of strength in the characterization made the actors performance void. The role of Alka Singh has been written so incoherently, which destroys the film completely. Vir Das gets monotonous after a while. There are hardly a couple of scenes that would engage you and everything else in the film is just a nonsensical long story put forward. The soundtrack is absurd too.

Lastly, the film is an extremely painful experience to sit through such a purposeless story where the director didn’t know whether to concentrate on bloodshed, humor, politics, motherhood or Kangana’s apparently-funny-but-irritable costumes!

Revolver Rani will make sure your head will revolve! A tough competitor to a masterpiece like Rajjo, indeed.

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