Revealed! Ranbir Kapoor’s look in Bombay Velvet

Get a peek at Ranbor Kapoor’s new look for his upcoming film, Bombay Velvet directed by Anurag Kashyap. This is the glimpse caught at the sets while Ranbir was walking with his crew. The picture shows the star wearing a Khakee colour double pleat pants, the fashion of the 50’s with a matching waist coat and an electric blue shirt. There is a spiky hairdo seen, probably trying to imitate the buff look of the old period with effect.


Ranbir looks all engrossed as he walks in this outfit. The star had been working very hard to play the male protagonist of the movie with an intense characterization.

The film is based on popular historian Gyan Prakash’s book, Mumbai Fables and is a story about an ordinary man who fights against all the odds to become someone big. The movie was widely filmed in Sri Lanka, where Anurag wanted to capture the ‘old Bombay charm’. The crew is just back from the shooting that was just concluded lately.

Bombay Velvet stars Anushka Sharma as Rosie, a Jazz singer and film maker Karan Johar as Parsi media moghul Kaizad Khambatta. Actress of the yesteryears, Raveena Tandon will be seen as a cameo in a special song for the film. The film has already raised the expectations in unusual levels with the audience.

Bombay Velvet was recently wrapped up and the post production is currently under works. Planned to release on December 25th , Bombay Velvet marks Kashyap’s mega
experimentation of content with commercial elements for Indian Cinema.

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