Revealed: 5 facts about Bengali actress, Disha Ganguly’s suicide case

The Bengali TV actress, Disha Ganguly, who was a popular face on the small screen, committed suicide a few days back and left everyone shocked. The actress who was once jovial and lively, was clutched into depression, his friends and family weren’t aware of. The primary reason that led her to take such a drastic step was the societal pressure of a same-sex relationship she had with a friend.

bengali actress disha ganguly suicide

Police reports suggest that Disha was in a fix between pressure from those around her and she finally gave into death. The reports suggest the following facts.

1.Before committing suicide, Disha had made a series of calls to boyfriend, girlfriend and father. Her family wasn’t accepting her relationship with a girl and was insisting upon her to get married to another actor, Vivaan Ghosh. She had a fight over it, even on the day she took her life.

2.Societal Pressure over same-sex relationship: Not only her parents, but it also bogged Disha, that the she was against the societal norms and people wouldn’t accept her if she chose to be in a same-sex relationship.

3.Steady relationship with Vivaan Ghosh: Ganguly was in a steady relationship with actor Vivaan Ghosh. Also a day before she committed suicide she had gone with him to Eden Gardens to watch KKR’s match. But then they had an argument post it.

4.Actress she dated, also attempted suicide: The actress friend, who was living in her apartment, before Ganugly’s mother kicked her out, also attempted suicide. She tried jumping in front of a train in Howrah and has suffered minor injuries.

5.She transferred money to the joint account she and her girlfriend held: DIsha, on the night of her death, made an online transaction and transferred Rs.50000 to the joint account she and her girlfriend held. It was made via her phone.

Disha’s death has come as a shock not only to her fans but also to those around her. She was so unsure about what to do and what choice to make, that she found death to be her answer. We wish, may her soul rest in peace!

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