Renu pushing Akira nearer to Pawan Kalyan!

Pawan Kalyan and Renu

Renu Desai, the lady who created sensation in the recent times with a video, has now made a move more closer to Pawan Kalyan’s fans hearts. Pawan Kalyan believes that farming is a great profession. He loves to spend time in his farm house and do farming.

Looks like, Renu Desai too is having the same thoughts. She took her son Akira to a farm on a holiday. She mentioned that she is teaching them life as farming is the best way to learn life. If Akira too loves farming and is interested to learn life through farms, we can say that his mentality got closer to that of Pawan Kalyan.

With this step, Renu Desai is pushing Akira Nandan into the footsteps of Pawan Kalyan and as the Power Star has the best career and thoughts, we can expect Akira too to follow the same. Great move by Renu Desai!

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