Renu Desai’s smart answer to the media!

Bollywood model and actress, Renu Desai gave smart answer to the media regarding the relation between her latest film and Pawan Kalyan. She mentioned that few media segments turned too smart by relating her latest flick “Ishq Wala” with Pawan Kalyan.


Renu memorized the media that she too was a big shot actress in India. Before that, she is one of the top model in the industry. She said that it is pure coincidence to place “Ishq Wala” teaser launch on Pawan’s birthday and she clarified that it is not intentional. She even told that her first venture is a big hit in Bollywood.

Renu Desai asked the media persons not to concentrate on the relation between “Ishq Wala” and Pawan Kalyan. She said that she is confident on the venture and Pawan Kalyan’s support is always there for the flick. Lets hope that Renu Desai gets one more hit through this venture.

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