Renu Desai’s powerful comments on NDA government

Renu Desai NDA Government

Renu Desai, popular model, actress, director and film investor, mentioned that she is paying lots of taxes these days. She fired on NDA government for increasing the tax amount by 2% for the super rich class. Speaking on it, Renu Desai mentioned that she is paying taxes for all the things she is using, apart from paying 33% taxes.

Renu Desai commented that the government may include death tax too in future, if the same moves ahead. These days, Renu Desai is sharing her views quite expressively on her personal life and politics.

In the past, she created sensation by revealing interesting facts about her life with Pawan Kalyan. Now, she is touching the same political field which Pawan too is eying at. Most interesting and inspiring feature is that the actors Renu Desai and Pawan are revealing the words which are in the hearts of common man. We have to see how NDA government reacts to these comments.

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