Renu Desai’s interesting comment on 40 Crores news

Renu Desai Rs 40cr

Renu Desai, who shot to fame with the film “Badri” mentioned that she didn’t take 40 Crores from Pawan Kalyan. It is known that this topic raised in the media when Renu Desai started her own film making business. Few segments of media mentioned that she took 40 Crores as compensation for getting divorce from Pawan and she started this business with that money.

Speaking on this, Renu stated that only Pawan knows the truth and she need not explain it to anyone. She anyways mentioned that she didn’t take any money from Pawan and the news is all just fake.

Renu revealed that they lived happily for 10 years before encountering break up and the reason were not revealed to the media. She further mentioned that she still loves to be with Pawan Kalyan.

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